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IPTV panel (AS-Middleware)

+ No installation or server needed
+ Unlimited subscription packages
+ Unlimited HD/SD channels
+ Unlimited users and resellers
+ Unlimited devices
+ Very easy to use
+ Including reseller panel
+ Live preview on panel
+ Add Youtube movies and other VoD
+ Full control: Manage all of your customers, channels, users, billings, etc. from one IPTV panel.

Encoder / Streamer

+ Up to 16 channels per encoder
+ Absolutley stable streaming 24/7
+ Remote access via web-interface
+ Encoding and transcoding in one
+ Full HD, HD and SD resolution
+ 1 Mbit to 8 Mbit video bitrates
+ HDMI, AV/CVBS and BNC input singal
+ RTMP, RTSP and UDP protocols
+ Dual streaming per channel
+ Color adjustment, On-Screen overlay text, and more…

Streaming servers / CDN

+ Managed streaming servers
+ Single and/or load balanced
+ TIER-1 servers for best experience
+ Unlimited traffic
+ 100 MBit to 15 GBit bandwidth
+ Content delivery network (CDN)
+ Safe and protection by tokenizing
+ Extendable on-demand
+ Serve to millions of viewers
+ Stable and up around the clock – 24/7

IPTV Set-Top-Boxes

+ Small, elegant and stable STBs
+ Full HD player
+ Fast zapping
+ Offering the best UI and usability
+ All features like channels, VoD, EPG, etc.
+ On-Screen personal messages
+ Feedback from STB to IPTV panel
+ User help on STB
+ 3rd party Apps (Youtube, etc.)
+ OEM / ODM for your branding
+ WiFi, ethernet, HDMI, AV and fast QuadCore CPU

IPTV panel

  • The AS-Middleware is the global IPTV cornerstone.
  • It is a modular, flexible and globally proven IPTV middleware fitting exactly your needs.
  • It offers a user friendly interface to you and your resellers/distributors offering everything you need.
  • The AS-Middleware is the interface between the encoders/streamers, the content servers and the Set-Top-Boxes displaying the content to the end customers.


Using the encoders you stream HD and SD channels to the streaming servers (CDN) configuring the bitrates and quality you need.

You can use your existing or 3rd party encoders or simply purchase the encoders from us.

The encoders are not mandatory, if you already have streams available then you can easily ingest/restream them in the system and make the content available for your customers.



Streaming servers

  • Absolute safe & secure streaming with tokenizing technology
  • Fully scalable and ready to serve many thousands of viewers
  • Using safe and stable content delivery network (CDN) servers
  • Profit by our contracts with europs top TIER-1 suppliers
  • Pre-configured for whole system – stable, flexible, load-balanced, cost-effective and smart!
  • Just extend your streaming servers according to your growth and reduce costs.


  • The AS-Middleware is built to use and manage Set-Top-Boxes of different manufacturers on the same administration panel
  • You can use your own Set-Top-Boxes or any 3rd party Set-Top-Boxes
  • It is absolutely possible to connect any device using the API of the AS-Middleware

More Solutions & Services

IPTV Broadcasting

Live Event Streaming

Hotel IPTV Solution

  • Launch a new channel based on video footage
  • Broadcast Live Channels
  • Broadcast VoD, Vod-Channel
  • Make Content available via Website & STBs
  • Login-Protected or Public Access
  • Hire a professional Team and Solution
  • Get live streaming and the recording as video
  • Make Content available via Website & STBs
  • Post-production services
  • Professional, Safe, Instant and Easy !
  • 5 Star hotel service for your guests
  • Order a Taxi, Food or other services
  • IPTV Channels for your rooms
Television production concept. TV movie panels

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  • We keep supporting you to climb the mountains of success.
  • We help you finding respective fascilities for your installments if desired.
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