About Us

Who we are:

Alpha Streaming founded by few enthusiastic IT-Engineers, Marketing Specialists and Dreamers with a lot of international experience on Internet-Media, Streaming- and Live-Events, Marketing&Sales.

What we do:

  • Alpha Streaming provides the most user friendly, competitve and reliable IPTV end-to-end solutions
  • Alpha Streaming provides the whole Solution for you to start instantly from one hand
  • Pure “Made in Germany”: Located in Rosenheim – suburbs  of Munich, Germany
  • Products & Services based on 5 years of extensive R&D at IPTV and IT

What we offer:

  • Encoders/Streamers (high quality & price competitive)
  • Streaming Infrastructure and Streaming Servers
  • IPTV – Middleware (Management CMS) with API
  • IPTV Set-Top-Boxes
  • Customization and Integration on other Set-Top-Boxes
  • Live Event Streaming
  • 24/7 Service
  • Consulting

What YOU need:

  • Alpha Streaming Solutions!